Empowering Zambian Agriculture to a sustainable future

Empowering Zambian GDP by strengthening People

Unlocking the True Potential of Zambian People

Crafting the Finest Quality Cotton

Magnificence in Quality is our Hallmark

Our goal:

"Helping the agriculture in growth of GDP"

Cultivating the Seeds of a Brighter Tomorrow, Today!

Partnering with 500+ Fortune companies and mid-sized firms across enterprises, uniquely customized and scalable workforce solutions.

With Global Reach over a large number of countries, Shree Vagmi Cotton is becoming the Leader in Producing Prominent Quality Cotton. Amplifying the Production Power of Zambia, We are transforming Common People into Superheroes of this World!

Heading - From Fields of Farmers to Fabrics for Fashion

Shree Vagmi Cotton is Strengthening the Economy of Zambia by Covering All Agricultural Domains!

We started weaving the story from cotton and impacting thousands of lives of Farmers of Zambia. With hard toiled efforts of our team in bringing the best quality in production, we have left no stone unturned. Our passion to impact the lives of farmers around the world ignites us to enable this globe for sustainable development.

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We sow an Idea, cultivate Efforts and produce Smiles

Our value-driven mission to unlock the potential of the African Agricultural Industry and to globalize the commodities/products has enabled us to bring prosperity for Zambia and its people. Our working methodology has brought zillions of smiles across the globe with this Magnificent 3-Step Process!

Sowing an Idea with Greater Vision

We sow the premium quality seeds with hopes to reap the gifts of nature in a most fruitful and natural way.

Cultivating Dedication and Care with Efforts

Our Farmers put every effort to ensure we reach a common goal of producing the world’s best cotton.

Reaping Results and Producing Smiles

We know the right time to reap the crop and extract white gold that is exported in a large number of countries.

"We Believe in Empowering of Every Human, Enlightenment of Lives and in Our Ambitions of Re-Defining the Global Agriculture. Our Every Step to Explore the Agriculture Sector is Impacting the Millions of Lives Worldwide. "

White Gold

We Produce the Cotton that Creates the Charm

From Cotton to Cotton Lint and Cotton Seeds, Our Goods have unparalleled demand in a large number of countries.

Here is a glimpse of our Exquisite and Giant Factory Producing Success with White Gold!

It covers a vast area of 25 acres across the beautiful land of Lusaka of Zambia. Our team works in an eco-friendly environment with all modern tools and technology to create magic out of the efforts of each and every member.

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